Combinations for Balanced Living!
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Our Story

Born out of Necessity

When I suffered a spinal cord injury that left me a quadriplegic -- in constant pain, with mental and physical stress and long, sleepless nights, I was taking a handful of prescription pills a day. Until then I had never relied on medication. I was the kind of person who threw away his pain pills after a surgery. I was healthy and athletic, and I had always believed in the power of nature and self will. I was an avid outdoorsman, scuba diver, cyclist and traveler. In fact, I had just completed my first full length Ironman Triathlon 9 months before my injury.

While initially I needed major help for my body to cope with the trauma, I came to realize that taking chemicals forever could not be the long-term answer. I needed to have a clear mind. I needed a clean body. I needed natural solutions to contribute to a balanced, healthy life.

I began to explore the benefits of botanicals. I also delved into the developing research on industrial hemp with its amino acids, terpenes, flavonoids and phyto-cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol or CBD. While I was able to find certain ingredients that I wanted, the market was confusing and not set up to meet my needs. Therefore, rather than settle for what I could find and try to cobble together multiple products, my wife and I set out to make what there should be: a line of nutritional supplements which combine a healthful blend of botanicals with the finest full-spectrum European CBD.

The Making of Our Formulas 

To make our proprietary blends, we sought out a like-minded person to lead our formulation process. We came together with the perfect person, Dr. Mark Reps. Dr. Reps is a doctor of chiropractic medicine who has been using nutritional supplementation in his integrative healthcare practice for over 35 years. He is certified in acupuncture and nutrition and has a background in traditional Chinese medicine. Dr. Reps mentored under a Mayo Clinic researcher in the usage and combinations of herbs and has extensive experience in blending and mixing essential oils. When Dr. Reps heard our story and vision, he went to work with us to craft our products. After many months of hard work, Botanicaide was born.

Botanicaide looks to nature for its power. It opens you to the benefits of CBD by using CBD as the base of each product. It then adds a proprietary mix of other organic ingredients to help your body in specific, targeted ways. At Botanicaide, we make Combinations for Balanced Living!